Jumbo does not buy Mars products because of ‘too high price rises’

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Supermarket chain Jumbo will not buy Mars products for the time being due to “very high price increases”. This means that products such as Mars bars and animal feed from Whiskas and Pedigree, among others, are less or not available.

Price negotiations with the manufacturer have stalled, which means that customers can miss out on many Mars products. Jumbo confirms this after reporting by RTL Nieuws.

According to the supermarket chain, the producer has implemented such strong price increases that they cannot be passed on to the customer. “Sometimes price increases are unavoidable, but in this case they cannot be explained,” says Jumbo.

No further details have been disclosed about the price negotiations. It is not known how long the measure will last. Jumbo says it will not make any statements about mutual agreements and negotiations.


Nestlé products may also be less or not available at Jumbo, but the reason for this has not yet been given. Nestlé informs NOS that the negotiations are still ongoing, just like every year. Until those talks are over, the company has nothing to disclose.

Nestlé made a profit of 9 billion euros last year, but recently announced price increases because they fear higher purchasing costs in the future.

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