Judges in case of young striker: ‘Tough guys took advantage of him’

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Judges in case of young striker: 'Tough guys took advantage of him'

Tough guys took advantage of him. The mentally retarded boy, without a criminal record, who was recruited for taking drugs in the port. “The court sees a vulnerable young man.”

Through Joost van der Wegen

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Climb in

22-year-old JL was caught in November 2022, suspected of climbing into a container. The police had placed 78 dummies there, after real coke had been found two days earlier. The Rotterdammer was arrested with two others. He had to appear in court two weeks ago. The court’s decision followed on Wednesday.

To trade

That court found that, given the seriousness of the facts, a prison sentence should be imposed for participation in international drug trafficking. The officer had demanded a longer, unconditional prison sentence. But the court deviated from this. She also explained why.

According to her, the role of the swindler is ‘limited in the larger picture of drug crime’. In addition, the court took into account the young age of the suspect, his personality problems and his intellectual disability: ‘The court sees a vulnerable young man who does not seem to be able to oversee the consequences of his actions. It seems that “the bad boys” have taken advantage of this.’

The judges therefore decide to give JL part of the prison sentence conditionally. Out of 12 months in prison, four are on probation. She does link this to a longer probationary period of three years. So that the so-called special conditions can apply longer, so that he can work on himself longer. But also to prevent him from committing criminal offenses again in the future.

“The sentence demanded by the public prosecutor, intended as a deterrent, was thus more than halved,” said the suspect’s lawyer, Michel van Stratum.

“The court sees a vulnerable young man. It seems that “the bad boys” have taken advantage of this.’


According to the probation service, JL grew up in a bad parenting situation. In 2018, the psychiatrist diagnosed him with a behavioral disorder. He is less able to control his impulses. Until he is 18the years of age he spent in closed youth care. Then a youth coach came. The probation service thinks that his mental problems make him ‘vulnerable to outside influences’.

The swindler must now continue to report to the probation service, he must receive treatment, and he will be placed in a sheltered housing program.

In return, he must do his best to get paid work, or at least benefits, and he must not contact his fellow convicts. The harbor is now off limits to him.

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