Jordan thinks Bearman’s debut can motivate Sainz: ‘That was extraordinary of him’

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Jordan thinks Bearman's debut can motivate Sainz: 'That was extraordinary of him'

Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan believes Oliver Bearman’s debut in Saudi Arabia will spur Carlos Sainz to get his business done before 2025. The eighteen-year-old Briton impressed during his first F1 race by finishing seventh and adopting a very professional attitude at Ferrari. Jordan thought his performance was extraordinary.

Sainz had to watch from the sidelines during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The Madrilenian had to be operated on for appendicitis, but was back in the paddock the day after his operation to see how Bearman was doing in his car. The Formula 2 driver did extremely well by taking eleventh place in qualifying and taking points with a P7 on Saturday evening. It then rained compliments for Bearman, and Jordan thinks it could be another boost for Sainz, who currently has no seat for 2025.

In any case, the Spaniard seems to have plenty of options. “I think Carlos is sitting up in his bed and will hopefully recover quickly,” Jordan begins in the Formula For Success podcast. “And then he thinks: oh my god, I better get my seat for next year,” the former team boss continues. ‘Because there are a lot of good young drivers who can be a stand-in. In addition to Bearman, there are currently six, or perhaps even eight, young drivers who, in my opinion, do not get the chance in Formula 1.’ Jordan previously indicated that it is also time for Ricciardo to show good things, otherwise he could also be replaced.

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Fred Vasseur Carlos Sainz Ferrari Saudi Arabia
Was Bearman’s debut also a wake-up call for Sainz? (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)

Jordan also impressed: ‘That was extraordinary of him’

In the 75-year-old’s opinion, the course of Bearman’s debut also says something about the sport. “It makes me think the cars are easier to drive compared to how they used to be,” Jordan explains. ‘And that shows that a driver like Bearman, with very little testing time, who was told at the last minute to come in, can simply drive in Saudi Arabia. That was extraordinary of him,” says the Irishman. “I hope we see him again soon, and I really hope the rookies get the chance. If that means that we have to welcome an eleventh and twelfth team, then there should be twelve teams in the future,” says Jordan.

Viaplay analyst and driver Tom Coronel indicated after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that he also thinks it is time for a number of people to leave the field. Coronel mentioned Ricciardo, Hülkenberg and Magnussen as examples. In his opinion, and also in Jordan’s opinion, more young talents should be given the opportunity to show what they can do in Formula 1. Bearman hopes that he has stood up for the drivers in his class. It is currently unclear whether Sainz will be behind the wheel again in Australia, or whether Bearman will replace him for another race.

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