Jordan delivers harsh criticism: ‘Bizarre and impossible to accept’

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Jordan delivers harsh criticism: 'Bizarre and impossible to accept'

David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan looked back on the Australian Grand Prix in the Formula For Success podcast. The weekend provided plenty of food for discussion, thanks to a surprise winner, Williams’ failure, and George Russell’s accident in the closing stages.

Coulthard opens the podcast with compliments to the race winner, Carlos Sainz. ‘What an achievement by Carlos Sainz! He has only completed two races this season, but he has started so well,” says the Scot. ‘He seems possessed. I wonder to what extent this has to do with the fact that he is now fighting for the best available seat, now that he has to leave Ferrari.’ Sainz was missing from Saudi Arabia due to appendicitis. If the Spaniard had been able to get at least twelve points there, he would now have led the championship.

Sainz drives himself into the spotlight

Former team owner Eddie Jordan was also deeply impressed by the 29-year-old Madrid, who took his third Grand Prix victory. ‘I know Sainz’s father well and sent him a message. He texted me back and said, This is a legendary story. He just came out of the hospital,” Jordan said. ‘Many doctors would have said this should be impossible. I was convinced that Oliver Bearman would run another race. Sainz brightened my day. I loved watching the race and seeing that he could control the race.”

Sainz was told before the season that he could look for a new employer, and the teams will show increasing interest in Sainz’s services after the strong performance. ‘He’s looking for the best seat he can find. He started at Toro Rosso. If Red Bull were to lose someone like Max Verstappen, or replace someone like Sergio Pérez, Carlos has to be one of the best options,” Jordan points out.

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carlos sainz leclerc podium australia ferrari
Sainz after his victory in Melbourne.

However, the eccentric Irishman likes to take a gamble, and therefore points out an alternative to Sainz. “Don’t be surprised, however, if you see an all-Spanish driver duo at Aston Martin.” The Irishman is thus responding to the departure of Lance Stroll, the son of the team owner. ‘This is a gut feeling, and often my gut feeling is correct.’

Default by Williams

“I think it’s really bizarre,” says Jordan about the fact that Williams had no spare chassis in Australia, so could only participate with one car. ‘They really have to answer for this. How far has this team fallen? We remember that Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, and Ayrton Senna rode there. What on earth happened? What should Patrick Head and Frank Williams (the team’s founders, ed.) think about this? Unfortunately, Frank is no longer with us, but they need someone to give the team direction. This is impossible to accept, that a team like Williams goes to a race with two chassis.’

Coulthard thinks that Vowles is generally doing well. “I hope they have done enough to keep someone like Alexander Albon,” Coulthard said of his former team. The Scot also agrees with Vowles’ choice to give Logan Sargeant’s chassis to Albon, even though it was Albon who damaged the first chassis.

Russell is taught a lesson

Finally, Jordan pays attention to George Russell’s crash in the final phase. The Mercedes driver crashed after a brake test by Fernando Alonso in the fight for sixth place. Russell therefore dropped out, while Alonso was put back to eighth position via a penalty, ultimately giving Stroll sixth place. ‘It was immediately clear that it looked suspicious. However, do not forget that Alonso can defend that position.’

Jordan believes that the fault lies with Russell. ‘He is a super smart driver, and there are not many drivers who could match Alonso in terms of mental games. He is really on another level here. If he indeed gave a brake test, the rear driver must ensure that he can respond to it. It was a serious accident, but George (Russell, ed.) will learn from this. I think everyone has now been warned again in the fight against Alonso.’

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