Jordan critical of Red Bull regarding Horner investigation: ‘I’ve seen a lot of bad decisions’

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Jordan critical of Red Bull regarding Horner investigation: 'I've seen a lot of bad decisions'

Former team boss Eddie Jordan believes it is high time that more became clear about the entire situation surrounding Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner. The fifty-year-old Briton has been accused of inappropriate behavior, but the outcome of the independent investigation into Horner has been delayed for some time. Jordan really does not understand that no decision has yet been made about the future of the successful team boss of the Austrian team.

In addition to the news about Lewis Hamilton’s sensational switch to Ferrari, the situation surrounding Horner has been the talk of the town in the F1 paddock for weeks. It has been a few weeks since De Telegraaf published the accusation against Horner and Red Bull confirmed that it had started an independent investigation into the team boss. According to Sky Sports journalist Craig Slater, a statement seems likely to be made before the start of the new season, although Jordan was probably not aware of this at the time he made his statements.

The former team boss spoke strongly to F1 Insider about the way Red Bull handled the matter. “I’ve seen a lot of bad decisions,” the Irishman begins. ‘But the situation at Red Bull is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. Of course, Horner is initially assumed to be innocent, but does anyone seriously think that the employee made up the accusations and that they just came out of the blue?’, he then wonders out loud.

Huge damage to Red Bull’s image

Regardless of whether the allegations against Horner are true or not, Jordan believes that the case will have negative consequences for Red Bull either way. ‘If Horner is innocent, is she guilty? The damage to Red Bull’s image is already enormous. Someone has to make a decision now,” the former F1 team boss is clear.

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