Joint control team Bergen op Zoom and Police Zone North

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Kapellen, Stabroek, Woensdrecht – On Thursday, officers from the Bergen op Zoom base team, together with Belgian colleagues from the North Police Zone, conducted a check in which the attention of the officers was mainly focused on drug nuisance, home burglaries and road safety.

Because police officers in the border area often have to deal with each other during their shifts, police work does not always stop at the border, the two police services often carry out joint checks. These controls are not only an effective means of actively combating crime, but also with regard to the exchange of all kinds of information, it is nice for both organizations to work together.

The Dutch agents took 28 breathalyzer tests from drivers. The Belgian colleagues worked with the ‘sniffer’, a device that can be used to check very quickly whether someone has consumed alcohol. If this quick test shows that alcohol has been consumed, a driver must still take a breathalyzer test. That happened to four motorists. One of them was caught driving under the influence. On the Dutch side of the border there was also a driver ‘het hare’.

Two motorists and a cyclist were ticketed for driving their vehicle with their mobile phone in hand. Two received a ticket for not having insurance on their vehicle, two others were not wearing their seatbelts and two more cars had too little tread on their tyres. 8 grams of soft drugs were also seized and a motorist received a ticket because the child seat in his car was not properly attached.

Car crashes after report drug deal
After a report from local residents about a possible drug deal in Putte, inspecting agents went to the location mentioned. They gave the vehicle in question a stop sign, but the driver did not comply. Because the police car and the car of the ‘drug dealer’ collided with each other, because the officers tried to jam the other car, both cars suffered damage. It wasn’t that serious and the alleged dealer ran off. A little further on, the car crashed into a fence in Ossendrecht. The driver was never found with the vehicle. Because the officers know who the driver was, he receives an invitation to make a statement about all the offenses he committed.

Both police authorities are satisfied with this type of joint checks and will certainly continue with this in the future.

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