‘Joey W. arrested: suspected of five liquidations’

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'Joey W. arrested: suspected of five liquidations'

On Tuesday morning, the Central Netherlands police arrested Joey or Jaouad W. in his cell. W. (44) was at the end of his sentence in the major weapons case 26Koper. According to De Telegraaf, the justice department believes that W. was involved in five murders and that he was part of a group of hitmen that worked for Ridouan Taghi.

The Schie

W. was sentenced to 13 years in prison for membership of a criminal organization that prepared and carried out murders and for involvement in a major weapons discovery in Nieuwegein. He was arrested in his cell in the De Schie penitentiary in Rotterdam and taken to a police station for questioning.

W. is a cousin of Delano G., who is suspected of having shot Peter R. de Vries. G. and W. both come from Tiel.

Samir Jabli

Last year it became clear that the Public Prosecution Service sees progress in the investigations into the murders of Mohammed Alarasi and Samir Jabli in Amersfoort in 2014. In Opsporing Verzocht it was announced that the tipster who manages to solve both murders can receive a reward of 60,000 euros. to see. W. is said to have played a role in this.

The murder of Rinus Moerer in 2014 in Steenbergen and that of Gilbert “Rasta” Roemer in 2012 in Nieuwegein are also on the list of suspicions against W.

It is not clear whether W. is also linked by the police to the double murder of Pieter Vos and Jaap Zillig in Houten in 2011.

Bad Boys

Joey W. taught Ridouan Taghi and other suspects in the 1990s through the Bad Boys, a youth gang from Nieuwegein. Joey W. converted to Islam and then called himself Jaouad.

The PGP chats made legible by the police contain messages that W. exchanged with Ridouan Taghi, according to the investigation. This involves ‘letting people sleep’ and ‘heads’ (shooters). Taghi is seen by the judiciary as the man who controlled the group around Joey W.

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