Janke Dekker will step down immediately as chairman of the Mores hotline 17:42 in Binnenland , Cultuur & Media , Sport in general Questions were raised about her position following an article in de Volkskrant about transgressive behavior at NOS Sport, in which Dekker’s partner Tom Egbers also plays a role.

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Jane Dekker
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Janke Dekker will step down immediately as chairman of Mores, the hotline for undesirable behavior for the Dutch cultural and creative sector. She made this known in a press statement. She does not give a reason for the decision; she wants to do that next week.

It was previously announced that Dekker’s tasks will be taken over by someone else until April, because she would be busy with other activities. But after an article in de Volkskrant about abuses at NOS Sport, Dekker does not return as chairman. The article also features Dekker and her husband, sports presenter Tom Egbers.

For example, the newspaper writes about an affair in 2005 between a then 22-year-old intern and Egbers. He called her and sent texts and e-mails during and after work. In the end they kiss a few times and that’s it, the newspaper writes.

According to the intern, the situation escalated when Dekker found out in the reading of de Volkskrant. Egbers would then have started bullying and intimidating her. The presenter says in the newspaper that he looks at the events of that time differently, but regrets it.

Incorrect reporting

Dekker now accuses de Volkskrant in the statement that there are inaccuracies in Friday’s article. She tried to talk to the newspaper, but that appointment was canceled by the reporters.

Her daughter, who also worked for NOS Sport for ten years, then sent them a letter, but according to Dekker nothing was done with it.

She accuses the newspaper of reviving an affair from years ago, with “publicly completely incorrect reporting”. She also writes that Egbers himself ended the relationship with the intern at the time and also reported this to the editor-in-chief. After that there would have been a “series of incidents” that necessitated a longer period of police protection for the family.

  • Tom Egbers cannot be seen at NOS Sport this weekend after reports of abuses
  • Volkskrant describes abuses at NOS Sport, also called presenters
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