Jaimie Vaes struggles with single motherhood

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Jaimie Vaes Insta

Jaimie Vaes is in a phase where she finds it all difficult. And then she mainly refers to being the mother of son Lío, the little boy she had with Jorik Scholten (Lil’ Kleine). Lío is now 4.5 years old and has a nanny. In her column in Grazia she says that her days are not all glitz and glam, but often also a bit grayer.

No time to party for Jaimie Vaes

So it’s not always time to party for Jaimie Vaes. She has been raising Lío alone for the past two and a half years. “My father lives in Bali, my mother lives with my stepfather in The Hague and he has no contact with his other grandparents.” According to her, she works full-time with her child (and the Nanny).

Jaimie Vaes calls on Jorik

Jaimie thinks that Jorik should work more. “He undoubtedly also has a lot of love for his son. It would be so nice if after a while it was no longer just about me.”

Image: Instagram

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