Italy wants to put bears across the border after dead jogger 01:51 abroad About 100 bears live in the north of the country. The minister of the environment wants to reduce that number, after a deadly attack at the beginning of this month.

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The stunned bear ‘JJ4’, who fatally injured a jogger this month
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Italy wants to deport some of the bears in the north of the country to other countries. Environment Minister Fratin says he will discuss this with other European countries.

The announcement follows a fatal incident earlier this month. A 26-year-old jogger died in the Trentino region when a bear attacked him.

In total, about a hundred bears live in the area. Some of them are known to have attacked humans.

According to Minister Fratin, the population must be reduced in order to control the situation. “And we want to use all diplomatic means to find other areas to move the bears.”

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The bear that attacked the jogger this month was captured a week after the incident and is currently in a wildlife sanctuary. She is 17 years old, weighs 150 kilos and is called JJ4. In 2020 she also attacked two walkers. They did survive.

After the new attack, the regional authorities announced that they want to kill the bear, but a court has stopped that for the time being. The fate of JJ4 will be decided at a new hearing next month.

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