Israel stops building new West Bank settlements, but temporarily

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Israel will stop building new settlements in the West Bank, at least for the next few months. It is a striking outcome of the summit between Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinians led by the Americans. But both Israel and Palestine are dissatisfied with the agreement, which has led to more unrest in the areas.

Israel is stopping the construction of settlements like this one in the West Bank, but nobody is happy about that. (ANP / Anadolu Agency)

Overall dissatisfaction

‘The agreement not to build new settlements is for four months,’ explains BNR’s foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg. “The supporters of Israel are furious because they think it is a waste of time and the supporters of Palestine think that four months is too little time.” Overall dissatisfaction, according to Hammelburg.

‘I don’t think there will be a definitive solution.’

Bernard Hammelburg, foreign commentator BNR

A new hearing between the parties is due to take place next month. ‘Everyone hopes that the dots will then be put on the i’, explains Hammelburg. “But with the new Israeli government, I don’t think there will be a final solution.” Israel has recently had a new far-right coalition. Despite the agreement with the Palestinians, it still intends to continue building in the West Bank. If it’s up to Israel, the four months are just a temporary hiatus.

Next month’s new session will be held in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh. A step in the right direction, according to the foreign commentator. ‘The Egyptians are masterful diplomats, they always know how to find the right tone. And more importantly: everyone trusts them.’

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