Is Rachel Hazes son Andre in a hold over inheritance?

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As is known, Roxeanne Hazes and her mother Rachel get into each other’s hair in court over the question of who is actually the official heir of the deceased folk singer André Hazes. Until now, Rachel has always presented herself as the owner of André’s brand names. And in this way, the Hazes widow has also earned a good living from the legacy of the folk singer. But daughter Roxeanne turned out to have her doubts about whether her mother is acting according to her father’s last wish. In the end, the judge ruled: for the time being, Rachel can continue in this way and more research must be done.

Dre doesn’t participate
It is striking in this battle for the inheritance that Dré Hazes keeps quite aloof; he doesn’t really seem to be taking sides. The singer does not interfere in the family war in any way. He emphasizes that there has not been a big fight with his sister Roxeanne. “There’s no fighting, you know.
There is no contact.” On Radio 538 he said about the inheritance dispute between his mother and sister: “Roxeanne’s lawyers put me on the line at the beginning.
notified, but I do not respond. What do you gain? We are only being pulled apart in this way.” André thinks it is too late for a reconciliation. “I see it gloomy.”

Why is he so eager to stay out of the inheritance business?

Because it’s finally positive in my own life. I’m done with the bullshit, I’ve had my own share. I only want positive.” But the real reason that André has this attitude, according to rumors, appears to be of a completely different order … Allegedly, that reason is due to the fact that Rachel is still the owner of all André Hazes brand names. Dré no longer wants to call himself a junior and has therefore actually appropriated his father’s brand. Normally this requires formal permission from his mother Rachel. So far she tolerates this and Dré doesn’t have to pay a euro for it. But suppose he suddenly openly sided with his sister Roxeanne, then this could be completely different. André obviously does not want to run that risk. And with that, Rachel has her son
so basically in the hold. Of course, Roxeanne knows that too, so she must understand her brother’s position. Only when the court decides otherwise in the future, André may adopt a different attitude. If Roxeanne is proven right by the judge, her brother will also receive his share of it
the legacy, which is expected to run into the millions of euros.

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