Is Alonso hungrier than Hamilton has ever been? ‘He didn’t need that’

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Is Alonso hungrier than Hamilton has ever been?  'He didn't need that'

David Coulthard thinks Lewis Hamilton has never been as hungry as Fernando Alonso. At the same time, the seven-time world champion would never have really needed that hunger, because he already had the most important skills to succeed in Formula 1.

‘Fernando is a phenomenon’, Coulthard begins with praise for Alonso in Ziggo Sport’s Race Café. ‘He’s hungry. Unlike Michael Schumacher, when he retired, Fernando continued. He kept himself hungry and focused.” The Spanish veteran took part in the World Endurance Championship, won the 24 hours of Le Mans twice, tried to participate in the Indianapolis 500 for a second time and even drove the Dakar Rally.

Coulthard believes that shows the hunger and passion for the sport that Alonso brings to the table. It makes one think: is there a difference with Alonso’s rival Hamilton? Coulthard thinks so. “Lewis is an exceptional driver, but I don’t think he’s ever been as hungry as Fernando. But I don’t think he needed that either.’

For this, the former driver of McLaren and Red Bull Racing, among others, points to the difference between Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna. “Mansell was probably hungrier than Senna too, but he had to work a lot more, while Senna was more of a natural. He just had to be professional. Hamilton already had the skills, there was enough to get him where he is today.’

Newey to Ferrari? “Not a chance!”

Finally, Coulthard addresses a question as to whether he ever sees Red Bull designer Adrian Newey going to Ferrari again. ‘Not a chance! Adrian is in his sixties, still hungry and passionate about Formula 1. He is British and not exactly a showman. Look, it can happen, but I think it’s just not the right place and the right time. He feels too much at home in the UK.’

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