Investigation into explosion of business premises Langestraat Winschoten

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Winschoten – An explosion took place at a business premises on Langestraat in Winschoten on Saturday, September 16 around 7:20 am. Fortunately, no one was injured. We assume it was intentional and we have started an investigation. Trace investigations were carried out after the explosion. We are conducting an extensive neighborhood survey in the area surrounding the business premises. We also try to secure as many camera images as possible.

The investigation is still ongoing. Camera images can tell us something about how possible suspects got to Langestraat and how they left. Do you live or work near the Langestraat and do you possibly have camera images (dashcam, doorbell camera, mobile phone) from around the incident? Then we would like to ask you to share those images with us. The smallest details can be important to us.

Large-scale Investigation Team
A so-called Large-Scale Investigation Team is investigating, together with the criminal investigation department, whether there is a link between the explosion in the Langestraat in Winschoten and other violent incidents in Winschoten, Oude Pekela and Groningen. This investigation team with specialized detectives is also investigating, for example, the explosion at a business premises on Herestraat in Groningen on September 12.

Have you seen or heard anything?
Have you not yet spoken to the police, but did you see or hear anything unusual around the time of the explosion in Langestraat? Did you hear anyone talking about the explosion? Or do you have other tips that could be important for this investigation or the investigation into the other incidents? Then we would like to get in touch with you.

Camera images
Do you live or work in the area and has something possibly been recorded on a doorbell or security camera? Do you see suspicious vehicles or suspicious people? This could also be in the hours before the incident and immediately afterwards. We would like to receive the images you have.

Contact us
Do you have tips or other information? Call the Investigation Tip Line on 0800-6070 or share your information via Report Crime Anonymous (0800-7000). If you have camera images, you can also call those numbers. You can also upload images via the tip form below or on You can also contact the Criminal Intelligence Team for information. The team is trained in confidentially and secretly gathering information from tipsters that need to be protected. You can provide your information to them safely and securely via 088 – 6617734.

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