Investigation into a house that was shot at

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Eindhoven – The police are investigating a shooting incident on the Achelstraat in Eindhoven. In the early morning of Tuesday, September 5, a house there was shot at several times.

The residents of the house were woken up around 1.15 am by loud bangs. When they went to look they saw that there were several holes in their window at the front. The alarmed police quickly determined that the house had been shot at. Although the family was home with two young children, no one was injured in the incident.

An investigation was immediately launched by the police. The forensic detectives carried out trace investigations and an initial neighborhood investigation was also carried out. We also checked whether there are any usable camera images.

To give evidence

The cause and circumstances of the shooting incident are still unclear at this time. It is possible that a shot was fired at the house from a car, after which the perpetrator or perpetrators took off with this car. We are therefore looking for witnesses who can tell us more. People who have seen something or may know something related to this can contact us in the following way.

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