Intruder arrested

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Den Burg – The police have arrested a 44-year-old man for the debit card theft of a 76-year-old resident of a care location in Den Burg. The suspect was quickly arrested because he was recognized on camera images after several transaction attempts.

The suspect sneaked into the care location in Den Burg between Sunday, March 24 and Tuesday, March 26, where he stole the wallet with debit card. The empty wallet was found on Wednesday, March 27, after which a report was filed. At that time, two transactions of 200 euros and 500 euros had already been made in two different supermarkets. The police requested camera images and the suspect was immediately recognized when he attempted to make a transaction in the supermarket. The police were called in by the supermarket employee and, in consultation with the public prosecutor, the suspect was arrested for the thefts and has now been brought before the examining magistrate.

What can you do to limit damage from financial exploitation?

To prevent large amounts from being withdrawn from your bank or giro account, it is wise to transfer money that is not immediately needed from your current account to a savings account. If you also ensure through your bank that you are not unnecessarily (much) overdrawn on your current account, you also prevent others from withdrawing large amounts from your account. You can find more tips in the brochure Tips for Seniors and Safety,

Block your bank card

If your debit or credit card has been stolen, contact your bank immediately to block the cards. This prevents the perpetrator from withdrawing money with your card. Below you will find contact details of the various banks.

  • Bank card (except ING) 0800-0313
  • Bank card ING 058-212 6000
  • Mastercard (except ING) 030-283 5555
  • Mastercard ING 058-212 6000
  • American Express card 020-504 8666
  • American Express checks 0800-022 0100
  • Thomas Cook Card 0800-022 8630
  • Visa Card 020-660 0611
  • Diners Card 020-654 5511


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