International media drive of new Stellantis Pro One Commercial Vehicles

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International media drive of new Stellantis Pro One Commercial Vehicles

The Stellantis Pro One is doing well in the global commercial vehicle market. In 2023, the Stellantis Pro One program achieved success (1.7 million vehicles sold) accounting for a third of total net profit. With number 1 positions in Eastern Europe and South America, number 2 in the Middle East, Africa and number 3 in North America.

The automotive giant is now focusing heavily on its latest generation of commercial vehicles and aims for global market leadership by 2027. This is supported by a full range of twelve renewed and electrified commercial vehicles.

These sky-high ambitions for commercial vehicles from Citroën, Fiat Professional, Opel, Peugeot, Vauxhall and RAM respectively should make the difference in the coming years. Opel was the most successful in the Netherlands last year with a total of 6,004 registrations. The Opel Vivaro was the best-selling model with 3,436 units (1 in 3 of which was electric). According to Stellantis, the focus on commercial vehicles is mainly on capacity, safety and versatility for the business market. By deploying a wide range of electric and hydrogen-electric options, Stellantis also strives for sustainable leadership in the commercial vehicle market.

Zero-emission commercial vehicles

The second generation BEV drive of the entire fleet offers a number of new compact vans, all with a range of more than 340 kilometers. The medium-sized models have battery packs of 50 or 75 kWh for a range of 350 km.

Large vans with a 110 kWh battery should also offer the longest EV range in their class with 420 km. Fast charging up to 150 kW and charging up to 80% takes less than an hour.

Stellantis also wants to take steps in the field of hydrogen-electric propulsion, with a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell systems for medium-sized vans in 2024 with a maximum range of 400 km. This will be expanded to large vans in 2024, with a range of up to 500 km and tanks that can be filled in five minutes.

Below is an overview of the most important features of Citroën, Fiat Professional, Opel and Peugeot within Stellantis, making it clear that despite the same underlying platform, the brands still have their own focus.

Stellantis’ success, the Opel Vivaro of which 1:3 is an Opel e-Vivaro

The essence of the renewal of our entire van range is no compromise – in range, capacity, safety and connectivity.

– Luca Marengo, Global Head of Product – Serial Life for Stellantis’ Commercial Vehicles Business Unit.

Stellantis Pro-One, the taste is the same, just the appearance is not

Citroën focuses on maximum comfort

  • Citroën introduces 100% electric versions of light commercial vehicles, including the Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.
  • This new generation of commercial vehicles offer more comfort, connectivity and driving assistance.
  • A striking feature are the Citroën Advanced Comfort seats for a comfortable driving experience.
  • Focus on maintaining loading volume, modularity and sustainability.

Citroën introduces a new generation of light commercial vehicles with a focus on electrification and improved user experience. The new models, including the Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper, are available as 100% electric versions, while retaining the loading volume, modularity and sustainability that business customers care about.

A striking addition to this new generation is the Citroën Advanced Comfort seats, which offer unparalleled comfort during long journeys. With these innovations, Citroën aims to keep mobility affordable and comfortable for the professional market.

The new Citroën E Jumper Hydrogen, range 500 km and can be fully refueled in 5 minutes

Fiat Professional focuses on Magic Cargo and other innovative solutions

  • New Fiat E-Ducato offers 30% more driving range while maintaining loading capacity.
  • Magic Cargo solution for flexible loading space.
  • Innovative and sustainable electric versions of Ducato, Doblò and Scudo models.

Fiat Professional remains an important player in the commercial vehicle market with innovative solutions. The new Fiat E-Ducato offers 30% more driving range and still retains the large payload. This makes it an especially attractive option for companies that are looking for electric mobility without compromising on loading space and functionality.

In addition, Fiat Professional introduces the Magic Cargo solution for flexible loading space, which allows professionals to adapt their vehicles to different transport needs. With these developments, Fiat Professional wants to strengthen its position as a reliable partner for the business market.

In addition to Fiat Professional, the brand is also the market leader in the world of Leisure. The Fiat Ducato (flagship) has been the most commonly used basis (75% of the market) as a chassis for the camper for years.

Fiat Ducato, all-time bestseller, now as E-Ducato with 30% more driving range

Fiat Scudo
Fiat Scudo

Fiat Scudo Magic-Cargo, useful adjustments for smarter transport

Opel opts for technology, high-tech lighting and distinctive design

  • Opel Combo, Vivaro and Movano with new exterior and cabin.
  • Combo has Intelli-Lux LED Matrix lighting for optimal visibility.
  • Improved infotainment system and extensive storage options.

Opel (Vauxhall) mainly wants to bring innovation to the commercial vehicle segment with striking designs and advanced technologies. The new Opel Combo, Vivaro and Movano not only offer a completely restyled exterior and a redesigned cabin, but also Intelli-Lux LED Matrix lighting for optimal visibility and safety while driving.

The infotainment system has been upgraded with more advanced features and offers additional connectivity options for the driver. In the coming years, Opel wants to continue to focus on delivering reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions for the business market.

In addition to the Opel Combo, Vivaro and Movano, there is also the Opel Rocks-e Kargo, an ideal solution for urban transport and parcel delivery.

Opel Movano Electric
Opel Movano Electric

Opel Movano Electric_Interior
Opel Movano Electric Interior

Opel Fun, the new Opel Movano Electric with an Opel Rocks inside

Peugeot steals the show with futuristic i-Cockpit

  • 100% electric Peugeot E-Partner, E-expert and E-Boxer with i-Cockpit® and 10-inch touchscreen.
  • New appearance and dashboard for improved ergonomics.
  • Peugeot is the leader in the European EV-LCV segment and aims for global leadership by 2027.

Peugeot clearly wants to position itself as a ‘design brand’ and sets the tone with an advanced and futuristic approach to what they call professional mobility. The new Peugeot E-Partner (currently the brand’s bestseller), E-Expert and E-Boxer are all 100% electric, not only offering a sleek appearance and improved ergonomics, but also the well-known i-Cockpit and a 10 -inch touchscreen for a little more user experience.

As the leader in the European EV-LCV segment, Peugeot continues to strive for global leadership by 2027, with a focus on performance, safety and sustainability. With these developments, Peugeot wants to remain at the forefront of the evolution of professional mobility.

Peugeot e-Expert

Peugeot e-Expert with the innovative I-cockpit, the magic of the French brand

Stellantis Pro-One: an overdose of different flavors, but from the same bakery

There are quite a few flavors in the Stellantis showroom, divided over 4 brands. In the comparison, each model from Peugeot, Opel, Fiat and Citroën respectively has three identical and comparable versions from one of the other brands. Who knows, which one you will choose depends on a dealer in your area, brand preference, history because we have been driving in…, you name it. The differences are not big, they do look different externally, but they remain from the same baker. It is only the competition that may stumble over Stellantis’ large offering. You choose!

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