Integrated traffic control in the Moerdijk port area

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Moerdijk – On Thursday morning, November 3, a large integrated traffic control was held within the port area of ​​Moerdijk. It was an inspection by the Seaport Police Zeeland – West Brabant, Roosendaal police team, Traffic police team, Customs, the Tax Authorities (car taxes), the Living Environment and Transport Inspectorate, the Royal Military Police and the Road Traffic Service (RDW).

Motorcyclists from the police and the Royal Military Police brought vehicles to the checkpoint along the Southern Randweg. A total of 40 vehicles were extensively checked here. Violations and abuses have been found in various vehicles.


The police issued a total of 11 fines for, among other things, having slippery tires, unsecured loads, overloading and a crack in the windscreen. Some fines were also linked to a measure, for example, the slippery tires had to be replaced immediately so that the combination could safely get back on the road. So many technical defects were found in a truck combination that the combination was no longer allowed to continue driving.

The driver of this combination also did not have the required code 95 on his driver’s license.

The tax authorities issued two reports for driving a vehicle with a foreign license plate while the owner is registered in the Netherlands.

In addition, someone received a report for not showing a registration certificate when using a trader’s license plate.


In addition to tackling violations and abuses, the audit was also aimed at collecting information about undermining crime. As a government, we work intensively together to tackle undermining.

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