Inspectorate intervenes again at breeder who neglects dogs 14:08 in Regional News In Deurne, 21 dogs were found with all kinds of infections. The inspection service previously acted against the same breeder in three other municipalities.

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One of the badly treated dogs in Deurne

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At a dog breeding farm in the municipality of Deurne, the National Animal Protection Inspectorate (LID) found 21 sometimes severely neglected dogs. An official report has been drawn up against the breeder.

The LID has taken the animals and placed them in a secret shelter where they receive medical care, Omroep Brabant reports.

The Inspectorate discovered the neglected dogs after a report to the reporting line 144 Save an animal. These are chow chows, half of which are puppies. Almost all animals had a felted coat. The inspectors saw neglected teeth and respiratory, intestinal and scabies mite infections. Furthermore, a number of dogs had injuries and abscesses due to mutual fighting. A mother dog had a poorly treated uterine infection and a fever.

A known police officer

According to the inspection service, the breeder is ‘known’ to the LID and the police. He previously had breeding farms in the municipalities of Veldhoven, Overbetuwe and Stein. In addition, neglected dogs were found time and time again and official reports were issued. But that didn’t stop the breeder. “After the administrative and criminal pressure increased, the defendant always disappeared with the northern sun to start again in the next municipality,” said the LID.

According to a spokesman, the problem is that the inspection service can only enforce. It is up to the court to impose a ban on keeping dogs on the breeder. “As far as I can tell, that has happened once in this case: a ban on keeping animals with a fine of 1500 euros in case of violation. But if you know how much money is going on in this world: that’s a pittance. He just paid “said the spokesperson.

Substandard housing

With the taking of the 21 dogs, the story is not finished either. According to the LID, there are still about eighty dogs at the address in Deurne, whose health, care and housing are said to be substandard. “They are housed in groups in horse stables and in an attic where the animals are housed on bare concrete,” the inspection service said.

The owner is again instructed to provide proper housing and good (medical) care for all animals as quickly as possible. “If the breeder turns out not to have complied with this during the re-inspection, this will lead to subsequent sanctions.”

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