Information Security Officer (ISO) – IT job in Netherlands

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Information Security Officer (ISO)

 – IT job in Netherlands

Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

Municipality of Leeuwarden

Information Security Officer (ISO)

Apply no later than Tuesday, April 11, 2023

  • Leeuwarden
  • 32 – 36 hours

  • HBO

Job offer

What are you going to do
Citizens, companies and employees can rest assured that information and (personal) data are in good hands with the municipality of Leeuwarden. Reliable information provision is necessary for the proper functioning of the municipality and forms the basis for protecting the rights of citizens and businesses. This requires an integrated approach, clear responsibilities, the right measures and risk awareness. Information security is becoming an increasingly important theme within and outside the municipality. The municipality of Leeuwarden has the ambition to structurally raise information security to a higher level and to keep it there through the aspects of governance, legislation and regulations, the organization of the security function and the information security policy. That is why we are looking for reinforcement in the form of an Information Security Officer (ISO) for 28-36 hours.

What are you going to do?
The ISO is responsible for the day-to-day management of information security activities within the municipality at the operational and tactical level. In the context of information security, the ISO provides a security plan and the associated standards and procedures. Together with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the Information Security Officer (ISO) plays an important role in drawing up and translating the information security policy into (technical) security measures.

What does your day look like?
You log in to our digital work environment from home. You view the security reports from the organization and advise on the correct approach. You also call your colleague ISO and discuss the assessment of new Cloud software. You look closely at how the supplier guarantees security and handles updates. Later that morning you have an online meeting with a project group. You discuss the security measures that a certain Cloud supplier still has to take before the environment can go live. In the afternoon you go to the office and prepare audits of new applications that the organization wants to use, taking appropriate security measures and managing the implementation. You are in close contact with the Privacy Officer to coordinate information security and privacy requirements and to implement them within the new applications.

You then join the tactical task group in which you and the Technical Information Security Officers (TISO) discuss current affairs regarding information security and make agreements about who will do what. At the end of the day, you call the external party who is preparing a Pentest to provide insight into any vulnerabilities in the camera system used by the Enforcement Department.

The work

  • Together with the CISO, the Information Security Officer, the Operational Security Officer, the Privacy Officer, the Privacy contact persons, DPO and other parties involved, you actively work on the rapid adoption of (new) measures in the field of privacy and security.
  • You test systems and applications on the basis of the AVG and security standards from the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) and you perform risk analyzes on information security.
  • You define control measures with the applicable information security standards and objectives.
  • You keep up with the developments of the current state of the art and advise on appropriate measures.
  • Guide you in purchasing information security assessments, tests, reviews and audits;
  • You manage and manage the implementation of information security measures at suppliers;
  • You support in providing information and training to increase information security awareness in the organization
  • You provide information about information security in the organization as needed.

Who are you
You are an enthusiastic person who has a proactive and independent attitude. You have excellent advisory skills, with the ability to switch on different levels and to deal with the tension of opposing interests. You are focused on results and you make a constructive contribution to a joint result.

In addition:

  • Can you react situationally in the context of risk management and strategic flexibility;
  • Do you have excellent communication skills: you are able to convince and you can translate professional knowledge and associated risks for the business in understandable language;
  • Are you focused on the results to be achieved, also in a project context.
  • You have completed a relevant HBO education, for example in the direction of Integral Security or ICT. If you are in the final phase of your studies, we also invite you to apply;
  • You are certified in the field of information security (CISSP or CISM) or you are willing to obtain this certification(s);
  • You are willing to follow permanent education to keep your professional knowledge up to standard;
  • Work experience in ICT and experience in implementing information security measures is an advantage;
  • You have some knowledge of relevant laws and regulations in the field of information / ICT security and in the field of personal data protection (GDPR).

Job requirements:

Where are you going to work
The Shared Service Center of the municipality of Leeuwarden supports the activities of the board and the civil service. The Information Management (IM) department is responsible for functional application management, advice and support in the field of information provision.

The team
Dynamic, in development, transformation to a management function and a pleasant working atmosphere are the concepts for the environment you end up in. In your role, you work in a multidisciplinary team of information advisors, project leaders, functional managers, ICT specialists, the Privacy Officer, the Data Protection Officer (FG), the IT Auditor, the Operational Security Officer ICT, the Information Security Officer and the CISO .

What do we offer
We offer a salary, depending on education and experience, of a maximum of €4,671 gross per month for a 36-hour working week (job scale 10, salary scale 1-4-2022 Cao Municipalities). It concerns a structural function.

At the municipality of Leeuwarden we work in a hybrid way, you are where the work is, what suits you and in consultation with the team. Practice shows that it is usually 50/50 at the town hall and at home. We have good facilities to set up your workplace at home.

An extra attractive condition is being able to use 17.05% Individual Selection Budget (IKB) on top of the gross annual salary. In addition to a good salary, the municipality of Leeuwarden offers more attractive fringe benefits. Think of flexible working hours, a laptop, mobile phone, favorable pension fund, discounts on various insurance policies and a discount on your fitness subscription. In addition, we invest in your personal development, we would like to hear how you see this. Your ideas and initiatives are appreciated and you are given the space and confidence to shape them.

Got excited? You can respond to this vacancy via the application button below. The closing date for this vacancy is Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

For more information about the vacancy, please contact Elsbeth van Haselen, Head of Information Management on telephone number 058 233 9063.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact Steven Jaasma, Recruitment and Selection Advisor, telephone number 06 501 932 85 (also Whatsapp) or

This vacancy is published internally and externally at the same time. In case of equal suitability, internal employees of the municipality of Leeuwarden have a priority position.

The municipality of Leeuwarden does not pay attention to age, gender, origin, color or orientation. Your qualities count with us.

In order to be employed by the municipality of Leeuwarden, a Declaration on Behavior (VOG) is required.

More information about this vacancy?

Please contact Steven Jaasma of the Municipality of Leeuwarden (


About the organization

Leeuwarden is a dynamic, bustling city and the economic engine of Friesland. Located in a green and water-rich environment, with lakes and recreational areas in the vicinity. The Frisian capital is a real royal city with a beautiful, historic center, a wealth of national monuments, surprising shops and cozy terraces. But at the same time with the most modern facilities for residents, students and entrepreneurs. And….in 2018 Leeuwarden will be European Capital of Culture. Leeuwarden a complete city with 18 villages.

We are an energetic organization with a variety of fascinating issues. With about a thousand employees, we work in various roles and partnerships on the realization of the city’s ambitions and the provision of services for our citizens.

more about Municipality of Leeuwarden >


Oldehofster cemetery 2

8911 DH Leeuwarden

14 058

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