Information Advisor (Data Management) – IT job in Netherlands

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Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service

Information Advisor (Data Management)

Apply no later than Tuesday, December 5, 2023

  • Zaandam
  • 32 – 36 hours

  • 3673 – 5194
  • HBO · HBO+ · WO

Job offer

Do you see a challenge in setting up the data governance organization and implementing data management processes? You get that opportunity at the North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service. We ensure that sustainability, quality of life and safety are guaranteed in this dynamic and heavily populated region. The role of Business intelligence, hyperautomation and data analysis are playing an increasingly important role and that is why there is a need for an experienced business partner in the field of data management.

View the challenge
Together with your colleagues, you contribute to the development of our data maturity. You do this in the role of data management advisor with a primary focus on setting up the data governance organization. You explicitly establish the connection with the primary process. With your expertise in the field of data governance and data management, you and your colleagues will lay a solid foundation for developments in data-driven working and the use of new technologies. You take the lead in setting up the data governance organization and proactively maintain contacts with various stakeholders. You are the source of information for your colleagues within and outside the team for data management issues and you ensure further professionalization of the team. You work closely with related fields such as information analysis and process advice and always keep an eye on the bigger picture: data governance. You feel comfortable in multidisciplinary scrum teams but can also work very well independently. The variety in work is tailor-made for you.

Why you?
You have an absolute passion for data. With your experience in the field of data management, you are now ready for a new perspective. You want to connect. Helping solve complex issues. Immerse yourself further in the latest technological applications. Working on the sustainable development of an entire region, that is what drives you. You are a careful, open and inspiring personality who can empathize with the issues and needs of the organization. You are able to switch quickly. You thrive in an organization where sleeves are regularly rolled up. And enjoys working in partnerships with related disciplines such as information analysis, information management and process advice. You are enterprising and able to see and capitalize on opportunities for the OD NZKG. You have an HBO thinking and working level and experience as a data engineer or dashboard developer. Knowledge and experience with DAMA DMBOK or a similar framework is a must, as is a number of years of concrete experience in a similar position.

View our offer
In addition to challenging issues in the field of data management, at the NZKG Environmental Service you will find an organization that is constantly on the move and is always looking for innovative solutions. You will be part of the Process & Information team, which consists of 34 enthusiastic professionals. The team advises the organization on a wide range of issues. The employees each work from their own expertise, but join forces to provide integrated advice. You mainly work with five colleagues and together you form the data part of the team. Within this team you will have every opportunity to show yourself.

Your salary depends on your education and work experience. In any case, you can count on a minimum of €3,673.96 and a maximum of €5,194.70 gross per month (scale 11) for a 36-hour working week. The scope of the position is 36 hours per week, 32 hours is negotiable. We will appoint you for a period of one year (on a trial basis), but if you prove suitable, we will strive for a longer-term relationship.

The NZKG Environmental Service follows the legal status regulations that also apply to the provinces, the CAP. We also offer an attractive package of employment conditions, including full public transport reimbursement for commuting. Our office is located right next to Zaandam station.

Come work on the future
Do you want to broaden your horizons and contribute with your expertise to a future-proof IT organization of the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency? Then apply today and come work on the future. If you would like more information about the position first, you can contact Danny van Zoen, Process & Information Team Manager: 06 411 096 23 or via email:

More information about this vacancy?

Contact Danny van Zoen from the North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service (

06 41109623)

About the organization

At the NZKG Environmental Service, we grant permits and ensure that all parties in our work area comply with their legal obligations in the field of the environment, soil and construction (supervision and enforcement). We also like to think along about spatial and planning processes. About the housing construction task. About circular economy. About the transition to a sustainable society.

more about the North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service >


Ebony 31

1507 EA Zaandam

088 567 0200

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