Inez Weski provisionally suspended as a lawyer 13:49 in Binnenland According to the dean of Rotterdam, it is not a punitive measure, which means that the decision can also be reversed.

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Inez Weski
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Inez Weski has been provisionally suspended as a lawyer. The dean of the Rotterdam Bar Association believes that she cannot perform her duties because she has been detained for two weeks on suspicion of participation in a criminal organization aimed at international drug trafficking and money laundering.

According to the dean, Weski’s temporary suspension is not a punitive measure. This means that the decision can also be reversed if it turns out that she is innocent.

“Weski has not yet been convicted, so no punishment will be imposed,” says a spokesperson for the Dutch Bar Association. “But the dean says it is better that Weski does not perform her duties as a lawyer now.”

According to the order, such a suspension is rare. “It is not often that the dean asks for an emergency suspension. We would like to emphasize that every situation is different.”

Yesterday it was announced that Weski will be detained for at least 30 days longer. The OM believes that she has passed on messages between the outside world and Ridouan Taghi, who is detained in the extra-security prison in Vught. She allegedly abused her position as a lawyer. After her arrest, Weski announced through her lawyers that she is resigning Taghi’s defense.

Last weekend, Het Parool wrote that Weski was pressured by relatives of Taghi to act as a conduit. According to RTL News, the police are investigating whether they passed on messages between Taghi and Raffaele Imperiale, a leader of the camorra, the Neapolitan mafia.

  • Lawyer Inez Weski will be detained for at least 30 days longer
  • RTL: investigation into Weski focuses on messages between Taghi and mafia
  • “Weski was pressured by Taghi’s family to forward messages”
  • After lawyer Weski, cousin Ridouan Taghi was also arrested
  • inland

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