Illegal rave with thousands of visitors in Belgian village is coming to an end 00:43 in Abroad The illegal party started Friday evening and attracted about 10,000 people.

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The illegal rave in the Belgian village of Sint-Truiden is coming to an end after a few days. At the end of the evening, the VRT reported that about 1500 partygoers were still present at the former military site in the district of Brustem.

The police are trying to get those present to leave “quickly and quietly”. Agents will remain in the area for the time being to ensure that no new party arises.

Complaints from the neighbourhood

The illegal party started Friday night and attracted about 10,000 people. Authorities say they couldn’t just cancel the rave because of the large turnout.

Local residents complained all weekend about the loud music and traffic nuisance. Partygoers also relieved themselves in the gardens of local residents.

Belgian village goes crazy from days of rave: ‘Shaking glass and banging’

The emergency services were called a number of times in recent days due to serious alcohol and drug abuse by festival-goers. Governor Lantmeeters of the province of Limburg spoke of “the most difficult crisis to deal with in Limburg in years”.

Flemish Minister of Justice and Enforcement Zuhal Demir asked the VRT why federal minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden did not take action to end the rave. “This is not an innocent party,” says Demir. “This is a promo party for drugs and civil disobedience and people stand by and watch it,” said Demir.

  • Illegal rave puts Belgian municipality on stilts for another night, ‘now 10,000 partygoers’
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