IGJ: Groningen doctor must stop professional activities immediately

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The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) has ordered a doctor from Groningen to immediately stop her appeal pending the verdict of the disciplinary court. ‘This doctor does not meet the conditions to provide good and safe care.’

Risky situation

The IGJ received several reports about the doctor and, based on its own investigation, concludes that ‘there is a high-risk situation and that through her behavior she shows a personality that is not compatible with the profession she exercises.’

That is why the Inspectorate has imposed an Order for Immediate Abstention from Professional Activities (LOOB) on her. This means that the doctor must immediately cease her professional activities. The Inspectorate will submit the doctor’s actions to a regional disciplinary tribunal for health care (RTG) within 8 weeks at the latest. It must then make an assessment as to whether the doctor is suitable for practicing her profession and whether she is allowed to resume her work.

A spokesperson for the IGJ does not want to confirm whether the doctor’s actions have already been reported to an RTG, nor does he want to provide additional information about the doctor and the content of the reports. One doctor is registered in the BIG register with the initials and surname as stated in the IGJ message. That’s an MDL doctor. According to the Vektis healthcare database, an MDL doctor with these initials and surname works for a healthcare organization that includes nursing homes and care homes in Groningen and Noord-Drenthe. The organization’s press officer was not immediately available for comment.


According to the IGJ, a LOOB is intended ‘for cases where there seems to be no prospect of improvement’ and is entered in the BIG register. The IGJ spokesperson calls it ‘very exceptional’ that a LOOB is imposed. The Inspectorate did this only once before, on August 26, 2022, at a healthcare provider from Woudenberg. Since 1 April 2019, the Inspectorate has the option of imposing a LOOB.

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