Huge devastation after explosion in Nieuw-West; police are looking for witnesses and images

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Amsterdam – In the early morning of Friday, April 21, there was an explosion in the porch of an apartment complex on Comeniusstraat in Amsterdam West. No one was injured in this.

Around 3:40 a.m. local residents are startled by a huge bang and immediately alert the emergency services. When the emergency services arrive, they see that there is considerable havoc in and around the apartment complex. Several windows and mailboxes of the complex have been broken and the street is littered with glass. Several vehicles parked in the area were also damaged by the explosion. The perpetrator(s) probably fled on a dark scooter in the direction of Osdorp after their life-threatening action.
Several (specialist) police services have carried out local (neighborhood) investigations and it soon turns out that fortunately there is no longer any danger for the neighborhood (residents). The explosive has been secured and is being investigated.

Witnesses and images sought
The detective is investigating the case and would like to get in touch with witnesses. Did you see or hear anything suspicious just before, during or after the explosion in the Comeniusstraat area? Or do you have other information that could be important for the investigation? Please contact the West District Investigation Department on 0900-8844 stating 2023087888. Prefer anonymous? Then call Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800-7000. Images can also play an important role in the research. Do you have relevant camera images? Simply upload it using the tip form below.

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