Horner does not agree with Hamilton’s statements: ‘Our returns will decrease’

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Horner does not agree with Hamilton's statements: 'Our returns will decrease'

Christian Horner does not agree with Lewis Hamilton’s statements about the dominance of Red Bull Racing. The seven-time world champion stated after the São Paulo Grand Prix that the Austrian team will continue to be head and shoulders above the rest of the field in the coming years, but Horner said that the competition will be approaching.

The 2023 season for Red Bull is one with almost only highlights. The team won all races except the Singapore Grand Prix. Max Verstappen has secured the world title since the Qatar Grand Prix and Red Bull was able to celebrate the constructors’ title one race earlier. The RB19’s speed is astonishing and its competitive edge is possibly even more impressive.

The competition has been trying to close the gap to Red Bull all year and after the races in Austin and Mexico City, Mercedes thought they had finally made a breakthrough, but in Brazil the team was back to square one. After the Mexican Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton still believed that Mercedes could challenge Verstappen’s team in the short term, but that belief has now disappeared. ‘I think the Red Bull is so far away. I think they will probably be very far ahead in the coming years,” the Briton told the media afterwards.

Horner disagrees with Hamilton

Horner does not agree with Hamilton’s statements and the Red Bull team boss thinks that it will not be that easy to maintain the current lead. He thinks that it is no longer that easy for his team to make much profit from the concept of the RB19 and that will give the other teams the opportunity to get closer. “I think we have a great car and we have a great foundation,” Horner told Motorsport.com. ‘We have to keep developing it, but the returns will obviously decrease as you reach the maximum potential.’

According to Horner, the differences between the teams will become smaller rather than larger in the coming years. The Briton, just like his team, enjoys the challenge of continuing to improve. ‘The competition will get closer and that will certainly demand more from us. However, the team is very motivated. No one has taken a step back since we won the championship. Everyone is still working on it,” said Horner.

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