Higher turnover and gross profit for secondment company Brunel

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Brunel has booked a higher turnover and gross profit last year. The result amounted to 60.9 million euros before interest and taxes, which is an increase of almost 30 percent. The secondment provider supplies specialists in the energy sector. General director Jilko Andringa states that the increase is mainly due to making the ‘strategically correct choices’.

According to Andringa, Brunel has also invested heavily in infrastructure in Asia, Australia and the Middle East in the past year. After all, there is not only a great demand for a cleaner world, says the general manager, but also for new energy needs now that Russia has been disconnected from the energy market. ‘We are ready to answer that question’, says Andringa.

‘Unique position’

Andringa also states that Brunel occupies a ‘unique position’ vis-à-vis competitors. ‘We are not opting for one transition, but also opting for the digital transformation. In addition, our mining operations are doing very well. If you are able to say that you have a leading position in three market segments, you have a very strong position’, Andringa explains.

The fact that Brunel took over industry colleague Taylor Hopkinson in 2021 certainly contributed to the positive results, the general manager thinks: ‘The takeover was good for turnover, but we also had to say goodbye to a very large region. That’s how we let go of the Russia region, where we employed thousands of people.’

Since the takeover of Taylor Hopkinson, according to Andringa, 12 percent of Brunel’s gross margin comes from renewable energy.

The office of secondment agent Brunel in Amsterdam. (AP) (ANP / Harold Versteeg)

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