Henk Rommy (72) acquitted of double murder in Antwerp

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Henk Rommy (72) acquitted of double murder in Antwerp

Henk Rommy (72), alias “De Zwarte Cobra”, was acquitted on Friday by the court in Amsterdam of commissioning the double murder in Antwerp in 1993, where drug trafficker Henie Shamel and his girlfriend were killed. The OM demanded 22 years in prison last month.

The court says it sees indications of Rommy’s involvement, but finds the evidence insufficient. Rommy’s lawyer Mark Teurlings says he is ‘very happy’ with the acquittal ‘after 22 years of work and waiting’.


Rommy was suspected of having ordered a double murder in Antwerp on the night of 8 to 9 May 1993. The 55-year-old Henie Shamel and his 44-year-old girlfriend were killed in that attack. They were shot while in a car. In the Passage trial, three executors were previously convicted of this attack.

Varying statements

The file contains witness statements in which Rommy is spoken of incriminatingly. However, according to the court, these statements are all ‘hearsay’. The court also notes that the witnesses gave varying and divergent statements about Rommy’s role.

In addition, the defense was unable to question many of the witnesses due to, among other things, the passage of time. That is why the court finds the witness statements in themselves insufficient as evidence.

Telecom data

In addition to the witness statements, the file also contains telecom data. From this it can be concluded that there was contact between Henk Rommy and drug trafficker Henie Shamel about money. In addition, it can be established that in the period surrounding the assassination attempt there were telephone contacts between Rommy and the perpetrators of the double murder.

According to the court, given that telecom data, it is possible that Rommy ordered the assassination attempt, but together with the incriminating witness statements, there is not enough evidence for this.

The full statement is here.

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