Hemp nursery discovered during a fire in the Wormerveer business unit

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Wormerveer – On Thursday morning around 10 a.m., the emergency services received a report of a fire in a business unit on Samsonweg in Wormerveer. After the fire was brought under control, it turned out that a cannabis farm was present in the building.

In the building, the police found a cupboard that had been set up as a cannabis nursery. It turned out that there were around 200 hemp plants here.

No one has been arrested, but the tenant’s involvement is being investigated. The man is later invited for questioning.

The hemp plants have been confiscated and are being destroyed. The breeding equipment was damaged beyond repair during the fire.

The fire service is investigating the cause of the fire.

Suspicion of cannabis cultivation in your area?

Do you think there is a hemp farm near you? Then call the police on 0900 – 8844 or Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800 – 7000. It is also possible to report the suspicion of a cannabis farm to your municipality.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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