Heineken sells more despite higher prices; beer more expensive again this year

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Carnival in Den Bosch
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The higher beer prices have not yet led to customers of the Heineken brewery looking for cheaper alternatives. Last year, Heineken achieved 30 percent more turnover and sold almost 7 percent more hectoliters of beer.

Over the past year, Heineken has raised the prices of its beers several times due to higher raw material and production costs. The company passes on the higher costs almost one-to-one in the prices of the beers. According to CBS figures, beer has become 10 percent more expensive in a year.

Customers will also be confronted with higher prices in 2023, says Heineken. For example, cafes were again confronted with price increases on 1 January.

The profit margin on the beer sold last year has remained virtually the same. At the bottom of the line, a profit of 2.7 billion euros remained. Although that is 19 percent less than a year earlier, there was a one-off windfall of more than a billion that year.


Heineken still had a difficult time during the start of the corona crisis. Losses were incurred in 2020, partly because cafes worldwide were closed due to lockdowns. Beer sales have now recovered and more liters are being sold than in 2019, the year before corona.

Sales figures rose in particular in Asia. In Europe, 4.6 percent more beer was sold.

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