Heat it pro: scratching mosquito bites is a thing of the past

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scratching mosquito bites

It’s April and damn… I’ve already seen them flying around. Those nasty creatures with such a stinging mechanism… called mosquitoes. The buzzing is one thing, but the mosquito bites they leave behind are perhaps even more annoying. Are you also the type who keeps scratching at mosquito bites, until you bleed? Then read on, because the heat it pro might be your lifesaver!

Idiotery or scientifically proven?

Admittedly, it actually sounds too good to be true. You’ve been scratching yourself for years, and now there seems to be a device that reduces the itching. Well… but that is exactly what the heat it pro does. And it has been scientifically proven too. In 2023, a study into the treatment method used by the heat it pro was published in the scientific magazine ActaDV. It describes that applying heat to insect bites can be effective in reducing itching and pain.

Scratching mosquito bites… then heat it?

If we can believe the science, heat it pro can be a welcome gadget to quickly get rid of your itch. It is a small ‘dongle’ that you connect to the end of your iPhone. It uses it like this:

  1. insert the heat it pro into the end of your iPhone,
  2. a companion app opens automatically,
  3. choose one of the 12 modes to help you,
  4. place the iPhone with dongle on your skin,
  5. you will get rid of your itch within 10 seconds.

Sounds good! And the price is currently reasonable too: you can purchase such a gadget yourself from 34 US dollars via the Kickstarter platform.

Check out the heat it pro here in a demonstration video

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