Has Russell already surpassed Hamilton? ‘He really needs a good result now’

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Has Russell already surpassed Hamilton?  'He really needs a good result now'

Fernando Alonso is busy calculating his next step, according to the assessment of Eddie Jorden and David Coulthard. The two men can hardly imagine Formula 1 without the Spaniard, and therefore think that his statement that he is thinking about his future in the premier class is a double bluff. The two also mention which Mercedes driver needs a good result very quickly.

The Formula For Success podcast is about the older generation of drivers, and the Formula 1 future of Fernando Alonso in particular is discussed in detail. Coulthard noticed that Alonso seemed to question his future in the premier class during the opening rounds of the new Formula 1 season. “Fernando never seemed to me to be a driver who had much doubts, because he was always very good at manipulating the situation,” said the Scottish former F1 driver. ‘But during this weekend he suddenly said: I still have to see whether I want to continue in Formula 1, and ask myself whether I still have the motivation. I wonder if that isn’t a double bluff.’

Coulthard saw that Alonso then ‘put his car at the front of the grid and drove a strong race’, making the Scot wonder what the Spaniard is planning. ‘Do you think he’s trying to get away from Aston Martin and create an opportunity to join an even better team? At Mercedes perhaps? If you can call that a better team, because he qualified higher than both Mercedes drivers.’

Jordan agrees with his podcast colleague that he does not see the Spaniard leaving Formula 1 anytime soon. ‘You have these Spanish superstars, in tennis and football, and he (Alonso, ed.) is the superstar in motorsport. I think he will stay. He is a world champion and if he had better management he could have won four or five championships because he has so much talent.” The former Jordan Grand Prix team boss therefore thinks that Alonso is ‘calculating his next step. Let’s see what will happen.’

Hamilton surpassed by Russell?

In addition to Alonso, the two men also discuss another world champion: Lewis Hamilton. According to Jordan, Hamilton needs a good result again very soon. ‘George (Russell, ed.) surpasses him, just like last year around this time. Lewis did pick himself up halfway through the previous season, and had a strong second half, but a championship is not two halves. It’s 24 races. He really needs a good result now.’

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