Has AI written the carnival hit of 2024?

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Has AI written the carnival hit of 2024?

Carnival is just around the corner again. In the south of the country, the coming week will mainly be about drinking beer, wearing a crazy suit, hustling, polonaise, floats during the parade and of course plenty of carnival music. The real carnival hits often come from artists such as the Snollebollekes, Veul Gère, Vieze Jack, Jan Biggel, Peter Selie and Lamme Frans. This year there is a new kid on the block.

The AI ​​Carnival Cracker

Two teachers, Danny Bloks & Erdinç Saçan, affiliated with Fontys ICT, have now created a piece of music, produced entirely with the help of AI. This project is not only a creative expression, but above all an attempt to stimulate the discussion about the role of AI in our daily lives.

The carnival song and accompanying video clip were created using various Generative AI tools that generated text, song, music, images and videos. The AI ​​tools used include:

– ChatGPT: For writing the lyrics.
– ElevenLabs: For the vocals.
– Suno: For music samples, including the beginning, chorus and a solo trumpet.
– Dall-E 3 and HuggingFace Photo Maker: For images.
– Kaiber, InVideo, Pika Labs and Neural Frames: For videos.
– Adobe Photoshop GenAI Fill: For composing the single cover.

Danny, one of the teachers involved, mixed and mastered the music (also using AI applications) and merged the videos with Adobe Premiere.

Integrating AI into our lives

The project particularly underlines the growing influence of AI in the creative industries and stimulates a broader discussion about the integration of AI into various aspects of our lives, including carnival.

Some errors and biases in text and/or video images have been deliberately included in the end result to emphasize both the possibilities and the many challenges that AI brings.

By bringing together technology and human creativity, this project serves as a catalyst for conversations about the future of human-machine interaction. Will everyone soon be able to produce a carnival hit in an hour?

(A release on Spotify coming later this week).

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