Harry Potter officially returns as an already highly controversial series

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We can finally put all the rumours, hopeful speculation and fan theories behind us. After previous hints, Warner Bros. finally officially announced that Harry Potter will return.

Not on the silver screen, but as a prestige series on HBO Max. Or, rather, Max, as the streaming service will soon be called.

Harry Potter reboot on Max

Yes, JK Rowling’s magical world is going after Game of Thrones. The show will be re-adapting Rowling’s original books for ten years. A real reboot, with a brand new cast. In doing so, Warner Bros. handy the problem that Radcliffe and co. not too keen on a return.

Let’s get straight to the controversial side of this story. JK Rowling is also on board, this time as executive producer of the “decade-long series, produced with the same epic craftsmanship, love and care that this global franchise is known for,” the official press release said. Unfortunately, the controversial writer’s involvement is a deal breaker for many fans online.

Max’s goal of preserving the integrity of my books is important to me, and I look forward to being a part of this new film adaptation that allows for a level of depth and detail that only a full-length television series can provide. writer. For fans who have complained for decades that the films skip large parts of the books, this is indeed potentially wonderful news: in a format à la Game of Thrones, it is indeed more space and time to delve deeper into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Scarce details

Unfortunately, it also stops here as far as details are concerned. Warner Bros. has just announced that it will be adapting the Potter books into a Max Original that will run for about ten years, with JK Rowling serving as executive producer. Nothing has been announced about the new cast or even a possible release date. Rumors of negotiations with Rowling were circulating until last week, so it’s likely the whole project has only just begun.

In any case, the press release concludes positively: “For the global fan community, and for generations to come, it welcomes everyone to discover the magic for themselves.” Not entirely unjustly, many American media note that unfortunately Rowling herself does not always seem to welcome everyone…

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