Hand grenade and bullet impact discovered at a building on Stratumsedijk

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Eindhoven – A hand grenade was found this morning at a coffee shop on the Stratumsedijk. A bullet impact in the window was also discovered. The explosive was secured and seized by the EOD. The police have started an investigation into the reason and background surrounding this find.

Around 9.20 am the police received a report that there was a possible explosive in front of the closed roller shutter of the coffee shop. As a precaution and safety, the area was cordoned off and the surrounding buildings evacuated. In addition to an Explosives Safety Team Leader from the police, the Defense Explosives Disposal Service arrived on site to conduct an investigation. They determined that it was a real hand grenade. The hand grenade has been seized for further investigation. The police in Eindhoven have started an investigation. The placing of the hand grenade and the shooting of the coffee shop may have taken place between 00:30 and 9:20 on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Specific witness wanted

We would like to get in touch with people who can tell us more about the hand grenade and the bullet impact at the coffee shop. We are specifically looking for a specific witness, a man. This witness quickly picked up the hand grenade and put it back before the report came to us. We were no longer able to speak to this man and would love to get in touch with him to hear his story. But if you have other information that could be important for the investigation, we would also like to hear from you. Contact us at 0900-8844. You can also report anonymously. To do this, call Report Crime Anonymous on 0800-7000.

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Information source: Politie.nl

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