Hamilton would reject Ferrari for Mercedes: “But that means nothing in Formula 1”

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Hamilton would reject Ferrari for Mercedes:

Gerhard Berger does not rule out Lewis Hamilton coming out for Ferrari in Formula 1 in the foreseeable future. The Austrian thinks this is mainly due to the fact that if Mercedes cannot offer him a competitive car, the Englishman is considering getting Ferrari out of the doldrums. try to pull.

Berger indicates to Kronen Zeitung that the situation is comparable to that of Ayrton Senna, Hamilton’s great hero. Every driver wants to drive for Ferrari at least once. And almost all good drivers have done that. Senna just didn’t go to the Scuderia because he knew: I can never win there. It may be that Lewis feels the same way.’

However, Hamilton currently also does not have a car with which he can win. “If he doesn’t get a competitive car at Mercedes, if he doesn’t see a place at Red Bull Racing, he might think: I don’t want to stop yet, I want to give Ferrari another try. Maybe I can solve it’, thinks Berger, who himself participated in Formula 1 for fourteen seasons.

Hamilton loyalty to Mercedes ‘says nothing in Formula 1’

Mercedes itself has no plans to break with Hamilton and the seven-time world champion indicates that he does not have any himself. However, the 38-year-old has an expiring contract. Loyalty does not have to be an issue in that respect if it is up to Berger. “While Lewis constantly insists he would never leave his Mercedes family, that doesn’t say anything in Formula 1. No one is giving their cards away here.”


Do you see Lewis Hamilton going to Ferrari?

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