GroenLinks and PvdA combine ideals in election program Yesterday, 16:44 in Politics A minimum wage of 16 euros, a millionaire’s tax, insulation of all homes and an affordable public transport card for everyone, is what the joint program states.

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Frans Timmermans
On the way to TK2023
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The party combination GroenLinks-PvdA wants an end to zero hours and on-call contracts and a minimum wage of 16 euros per hour. This is stated in the joint draft election programme. Furthermore, the tax for low- and middle-income workers will be reduced and there will be a millionaires’ tax, if it is up to the parties.

In addition to measures for the labor market and social security, the parties also want to invest more than is currently the case in climate measures. They are calling for an “isolation offensive” for all homes. People with low and middle incomes are given priority, so that their lower energy bills have a positive effect on their disposable income. A public transport card for off-peak hours of 49 euros should get everyone out of the rush hour and out of the car.

Nuclear energy is not an option for the parties. They do not want any new power plants and the power plant in Borssele is scheduled to be closed in ten years.

Party leader Frans Timmermans also wants to work on restoring citizens’ confidence. “Confidence in the Netherlands has been washed away, we are approaching each other increasingly aggressively and confidence in the government has been damaged,” says Timmermans. “If people answer a question incorrectly, they will not receive any benefits. In recent years, it has become apparent that people are wrongly ground in the government bureaucracy. That has to change.”

No market forces in childcare

The parties also want to get rid of market forces in childcare – which must become a free facility – and care for the elderly. And large tech companies are taxed on their digital turnover. GroenLinks-PvdA continues to support military, humanitarian and economic aid to Ukraine.

Timmermans was elected party leader on 22 August via a member consultation. He received 91.8 percent of the vote. There were no rival candidates. About half of the members voted. The list of the other candidates will be announced next Friday. A member referendum will then be held on that too.

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