GroenLinks advocates connecting Oostvaardersplassen with Veluwe 20:40 in Politics In the run-up to the Provincial Council elections, nitrogen and animals are often discussed.

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GroenLinks wants the Oostvaardersplassen to be connected to the Veluwe. Such a plan for the so-called Oostvaarderswold nature project was already there more than ten years ago, but was then canceled.

According to GroenLinks, by connecting existing nature areas with each other, “a high-quality nature” can be created, on which nitrogen has less influence. The Oostvaarderswold could potentially become the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands and the party wants to commit itself to this both nationally and in Flevoland and Gelderland.

“We need more strong nature. This is possibly the most valuable of all large-scale nature development projects,” says party leader Klaver.

Payment from the nitrogen budget

The costs for the construction of the new area must come partly from the budget that the cabinet has promised to avert the nitrogen crisis.

GroenLinks says that the connections “create more robust populations of animals and ecosystems”, and that, for example, red deer can show their natural migratory behavior again. The party mentions the additional advantage that “the wolf is given the space to manage the game population in a natural way”.

BBB critical of the wolf

BBB, among others, is much less enthusiastic about the wolf and mainly warns of the dangers. Party leader Van der Plas was campaigning for the provincial elections in Drenthe today. There she spoke with people whose sheep and other animals have been attacked by wolves. Van der Plas said she hears from many nature managers that the wolf is becoming “actually quite unsustainable”.

Minister Van der Wal previously announced “a social dialogue” about the wolf in the Netherlands. This dialogue should be organized by the Animal Affairs Council. Images from a wildlife camera on the Veluwe came out today, showing eleven wolves. Never before have so many wolves been captured in one image.

  • Never before in the Netherlands: eleven wolves in the picture at the same time
  • Minister wants social dialogue about the wolf in the Netherlands
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