Green party NPS will immediately leave the Surinamese coalition

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(VLNR) Gregory Russia (NPS), Chan Santokhi (VHP), Ronnie Brunswijk (ABOP) and Paul Somohardjo (PL) in 2020 with the coalition agreement.
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The National Party of Suriname (NPS) left the government coalition today. That said NPS chairman Gregory Russia at a press conference. This has no direct consequences for the government, because the two largest parties still form a majority.

The resigned Social Democratic Party was little involved in government decisions. Many decisions were taken by President Santokhi (VHP) and Vice President Brunswijk (ABOP) without consulting the coalition partner, news website Starnieuws reports.

Without NPS, the coalition still consists of the VHP and ABOP/PL, which is an amalgamation of two parties. The social-liberalist party, Santokhi’s VHP, is the largest party and holds the most important posts such as the presidency, foreign affairs and finance.

The second party in the coalition, the ABOP of Ronnie Brunswijk, was given influential posts such as Natural Resources and Justice and Police. The NPS used to have the posts Education, Science & Culture and Spatial Planning & Environment, but are making these available to the president again.

The NPS continues as an independent faction in the National Assembly, the parliament of Suriname.

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