Great opportunity on eBay; an original jet engine from a Concorde

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Great opportunity on eBay;  an original jet engine from a Concorde

If you are looking for special products, or something that is no longer available in stores, you might have luck online. For example, I recently found my favorite Coca Cola glasses in an online shop that had not been for sale for years. An opportunity that I immediately took advantage of. Now, Coca Cola glasses are of course nothing special, but you can also find very strange things online. Like the jet engine, complete with afterburner, of the most iconic supersonic airliner in the history of modern civil aviation. That’s right, the Concorde.

6 tons for a non-running engine

The jet engine in question, the 1971 Rolls Royce Olympus 593-610, is currently for sale on eBay. The good news is that this engine has already surfaced on eBay a few times in recent years and has since become a few hundred thousand euros cheaper. It is not the only Concorde engine ever sold, but it is the only one that also includes the afterburner and the original logbook.

The bad news: he still has to raise 545,000 British pounds, more than 635,000 euros. The engine is complete, but no longer runs. The buyer can therefore only use it to display it or take it apart and process parts into, for example, furniture or works of art.

Also good to know: if you buy it, you can’t exchange it. And delivery in the Netherlands, or outside the UK, is also not an option. In other words, the buyer must arrange that himself. And then you will have to use a carrier other than DHL or FedEX because the entire package measures approximately six by two meters and weighs more than five tons.

This old Concorde engine can be yours for a whopping 635,000 euros (Image via eBay).

More than 5000 supersonic flights

The engine comes from one of British Airways’ Concordes, the G-BKFW, built in 1977 and renamed G-BOAG a few years later. The aircraft flew until the end of 2003, when all Concordes were retired. In total, this Concorde has logged more than 16,000 flying hours during more than 5,600 flights. The sound barrier was broken on just over 5,000 flights broken through. After its retirement, the aircraft was placed in the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It is still there now… and the right engine, which has been there for a long time now eBay for sale.

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