Government party candidate becomes Nigeria’s new president

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Bola Tinubu after the announcement by the Electoral Commission
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Nigeria’s electoral commission has declared Bola Tinubu the winner of the presidential election. The candidate of ruling party APC received 37 percent of the vote, finishing ahead of his main opponents Atiku Abubakar (29 percent) and Peter Obi (25 percent).

Tinubu, 70, is the former governor of Nigeria’s most populous state of Lagos, home to the metropolis of the same name. He will succeed his party colleague Muhammadu Buhari as president.

Results were pending

The elections last weekend were difficult. The results came in very slowly, because the uploading of results from the constituencies was delayed. European Union observers confirm that there were problems and say they are concerned about the consequences.

Still, the election was generally uneventful, say observers. Incidents were spread across the country, but there was no large-scale violence, they say.

To object

Abubakar and Obi’s parties had already called for new elections before the results were announced. They claim that there was widespread violence, voter intimidation and fraud. Parties have three weeks to object to the results of the elections.

After his inauguration, Tinubu is allowed to focus on the major problems that Nigeria has, including high unemployment, corruption, crime and shortages of energy and cash.

Tinubu supporters celebrate at the APC campaign office in Abuja
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