Gold, cars and three ducks seized in two major subversion checks

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Gorinchem/Drechtsteden – On Thursday, March 7, the police, together with the Tax Authorities, Customs and RDW, organized a major traffic control on the Banneweg in Gorinchem. More than 200 vehicles were extensively checked. At the same time, the police also took part in a major inspection of car companies in Zwijndrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Alblasserdam, Papendrecht and Sliedrecht. This inspection is organized by the Administrative Intervention Team of the municipalities. (Minor) violations were found at most of the companies inspected.

During the traffic control in Gorinchem, the police worked together with the Tax Authorities, Customs, RDW, (CV)OM and Rijkswaterstaat. Traffic driving on the A27 and A15 highways was selected and taken by motorcyclists to the checkpoint in Gorinchem.

Ultimately, more than 200 vehicles were extensively checked. Not all drivers were in order. Two people drove under the influence and three people without a valid driver’s license. Two vehicles were not registered and were seized. Two other vehicles accompanied the police because the driver had made several mistakes. The Public Prosecution Service will decide whether these vehicles will be returned.

Gold and ducks
More than 11,000 euros worth of gold jewelry was found in a vehicle that was probably involved in the trade in (fake) gold. This was seized and examined by the Customs authorities present. Also special was the discovery of three live ducks in a moving box in the trunk of a car. The driver stated that he had bought the ducks from a farmer. The trade in birds – and therefore also ducks – is subject to rules and it appears that these were not complied with. The ducks were picked up by the animal ambulance. Finally, an illegal alien was also arrested and handed over to the Aliens Police.

The partners present also had a busy afternoon and evening. For example, Customs found smoking materials in a vehicle. The tax authorities collected more than 141,000 euros in outstanding tax debts. Several individuals were unable to pay their full debt. Therefore, another 10 vehicles were seized. 14 other vehicles were also seized by the Tax Authorities, but these drivers were allowed to continue driving.

Multiple violations at car companies
At the same time, an audit was carried out in the automotive sector to combat undermining crime. Car companies easily become involved in criminal activities such as money laundering, hidden spaces, receiving stolen cars and other criminal offenses. The inspection was organized by the Administrative Intervention Team of the municipalities and, in addition to the police, the Environment Agency, the Labor Inspectorate, the RDW, the Regional Operational Administrative Team, the Social Services and the National Vehicle Crime Information Center joined in.

During the inspection, (minor) violations were noted at most companies. The Labor Inspectorate or the Environment Agency will conduct further investigations at a number of companies because unusual features were found there. In addition, a boat was found in one of the garages that may have been stolen. This boat has been seized by the police for further investigation.

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