Girl drops nugget, McDonald’s liable for burns The nugget had gotten between the belt and the child, the mother said.

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The production of chicken nuggets for McDonald’s
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Fast food chain McDonald’s is responsible in the United States for the burns a child suffered from a chicken nugget. That has been determined by a jury in the state of Florida. According to the judges, McDonald’s should have given instructions on how to handle the food safely. The restaurant franchisee, according to the jury, is liable for negligence and failure to warn customers.

The incident happened in 2019, when a 4-year-old child suffered second-degree burns from a chicken nugget. According to American media, a mother bought Happy Meals for her son and daughter at a McDrive in Tamarac, near Fort Lauderdale. The woman stated that she gave the food to her children in the backseat, and heard loud screams as she drove off.

It turned out that the girl had a serious burn on one of her legs, originating from one of the nuggets. The nugget had lodged between the child’s belt and skin, the mother said.

How hot was the nugget?

McDonald’s lawyers admit that the burn was caused by a nugget, but the lawsuit sparked controversy over the temperature of the snack. The family says the nugget was over 93 degrees, but the fast food chain says the compressed piece of meat couldn’t have been more than 71 degrees.

Moreover, the fast food company argued: the nugget must be warm to prevent poisoning with the salmonella bacteria.

McDonald’s also believes that it is not responsible for what the customer does with the nugget. “The chicken nugget is there to eat, not to hold against your skin for two minutes.”


The fast food giant therefore does not agree with the outcome of the process. “This was an embarrassing incident, but we respectfully disagree with the outcome.” The company does say that its customers “must be able to trust that the procedures for serving chicken nuggets are being followed”.

A decision on the amount of compensation will be made at a later date. American media write that the family has demanded $ 15,000.

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