Gift tip for the holidays: GraviTrax

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Gift tip for the holidays: GraviTrax

The holidays are approaching. Are you celebrating this with friends and/or family? Now is the time to stock up on gifts for the holidays. We will therefore regularly share gift tips in the coming weeks. Educational toys, of course from the perspective of a NL News. This way you no longer have to search for it yourself; we will find it out for you. Today in the spotlight: GraviTrax.

What is GraviTrax?

GraviTrax is an interactive ball track system where you design and build a course using physical elements such as magnets, kinetic energy and gravity. The goal is to roll a ball from start to finish using various contraptions.

With GraviTrax you create a course on which a metal ball has to roll. You are free to design the track as you wish. You must take the laws of physics into account. You experiment with height differences, use magnets to accelerate the ball or to make a jump. The challenge is to get the bullet from A to B in the most inventive ways.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In other words: science, technology, design, art and mathematics. STEAM toys are toys that address one or more of these characteristics. Every track you build tests your understanding of gravity, speed and force. By playing with GraviTrax you will learn about these physics principles in a practical and fun way. It therefore fits exactly into the profile of STEAM toys.

GraviTrax for what age?

What age is GraviTrax for? GraviTrax is primarily designed for children aged 8 years and older. This age indication is based on the complexity of construction and the skills required to understand the physical principles behind the marble tracks. Children of this age can work independently with the set, develop their spatial insight and explore the basics of gravity and kinetic energy.

But not every child is the same. Younger children can also enjoy GraviTrax (under the supervision of an adult or an older child), learning through play and practicing their fine motor skills. NL News Anic sees that her two sons enjoy playing with Gravitrax. “Age indications are always relative. My eight-year-old son finds it difficult and his five-year-old son can play with it independently for a long time. He not only recreates the setups from the book, but also gets creative himself. What kind of setup do you need if you want to roll three marbles at the same time? He discovers what works and what doesn’t. How do you ensure that a marble has enough momentum?”

Please note that it is not suitable for children under 3 years old, due to the small parts and choking hazard. And speaking of 3-year-olds… there is also a GraviTrax Junior line. GraviTrax Junior (for 3 to 7 years) is a simplified version. This variant uses larger and more robust parts, which makes it easier and safer for young children to play with. GraviTrax Junior focuses on developing basic skills such as fine motor skills, logical thinking and spatial insight. With a combination of colorful strips and easy-to-use building elements, it is very appealing. So if you are looking for a fun marble track for young children, consider the GraviTrax Junior.

GraviTrax gift for the holidays

You have now read how much fun GraviTrax can be. What is ideal as a gift? To do this you have to know a little bit about what the situation is.

  • Junior
    • GraviTrax Junior is especially for children from 3 to 7 years old. These sets offer a simplified play experience with large, robust parts (and therefore safe for this age group).
  • Beginners
    • For children new to GraviTrax, the GraviTrax Starter Set is an excellent starting point. It contains everything needed to build your first marble track and offers enough variety for hours of fun.
  • Expansions (experienced builders)
    • For children who are already familiar with GraviTrax and already have a Starter Set, the expansion sets are a nice addition. These sets bring new elements and challenges into the game, allowing them to further develop their creativity.
  • Advanced builders
    • For older children or those looking for an extra challenge, GraviTrax PRO is the ideal choice. Contains more complex and technical elements.

GraviTrax Advent Calendar 2023

The GraviTrax Advent Calendar 2023 is a fun Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas, specially designed for lovers of the GraviTrax marble track system. Behind each of the 24 panels of this calendar lies a surprise, ranging from exclusive track parts and marbles to special building elements. For example, a (festive) golden bullet! Good to know: this is also playable without the starter set.

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