Gift tip for the holidays: Connetix magnetic tiles

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Gift tip for the holidays: Connetix magnetic tiles

The holidays are quickly approaching. Are you celebrating this with friends and/or family? Now is the time to stock up on gifts for the holidays. We will therefore regularly share gift tips in the coming weeks. Educational toys, of course from the perspective of a NL News. This means you no longer have to search for it yourself: NL News Nadi will find it out for you. Today in the spotlight: Connetix.

What is Connetix?

These are magnetic toys that children can play with for hours. The strong magnets keep everything firmly attached to each other. The magnetic tiles are transparent, which gives a beautiful effect, especially in sunny weather. You can use Connetix to build (race tracks, ball runs, car garages, hotels, you name it), but also to learn. Come up with your own creations or be inspired by others.

Is Connetix safe, because they are magnets? I initially had that question too, but Connetix understood this well. Their magnetic tiles are made of non-toxic material (ABS plastic), the edges are rounded and the magnets are firmly embedded in the tiles. This way there are never any small parts that can be swallowed.

What is STEAM toy (and why is it so important for kids)?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In other words: science, technology, design, art and mathematics. STEAM toys are toys that address one or more of these characteristics.

Connetix toys fit this profile exactly. By linking the magnetic tiles together in different ways, you can see how structures become stronger or collapse. This way your children will gain their first technical insight, as well as spatial insight, in a playful way. You also learn to design; How do you get something the most beautiful or sturdy?

In addition, you will learn about shapes, dimensions and symmetry with Connetix. For example, thanks to Connetix (in combination with a booklet about shapes), my 2.5-year-old son knows that you can make a diamond with two triangles together.

Pastel or Rainbow; the choice is yours

Connetix comes in two colors: pastel and rainbow. As the names suggest, you get Connetix in the six colors of the rainbow with the rainbow variant. The pastel variant comes in eight color shades.

The rainbow Connetix magnetic tiles are deep in color. They are exactly the six colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They are therefore excellent for introducing your children to the world of color. The vibrant colors of the rainbow Connetix set are not only beautiful to look at, but they can also help with learning basic colors. Here they are regularly used for color sorting. Make a bowl with the Connetix and then go on a treasure hunt in the toy corner; which color goes in which container?

The pastel Connetix sets have a softer color palette. This set does not consist of six, but of eight colors. This can be ideal if you are looking for something that blends in with a more neutral or minimalist style. The soft colors are soothing and contribute to a calm playing environment. It’s all just a little less hard. In the photos in this article you can see the pastel magnetic tiles.

There is no accounting for taste. Both sets are beautiful to look at. You can also combine them, although I am in favor of one color choice.

Connetix gift tip for the holidays

Would you like to give Connetix as a gift during the holidays? Good idea! We gave Connetix as a gift from 18 months, although it is still mainly about discovering and stacking. It is a fun toy until at least eight or nine years old. I have no experience with that, but I see it at home with other parents with children of this age. It is very sturdy and therefore lasts a long time.

Connetix is ​​an ideal gift tip for both Sinterklaas and Christmas. To create a good foundation, a Connetix Creative Pack is best. This contains 120 items, which will last them a while.

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