Gieskes-Strijbis Podium Prize to director Steef de Jong and production house Yesterday, 20:57 in Cultuur & Media The prize amounts to 60,000 euros per winner. The other nominees may also spend 10,000 euros on their own development.

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Steef de Jong (l) and Samora Bergtop and Ellen Tjon A Meeuw (r) from Well Made Productions
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The Gieskes-Strijbis Podium Prize, the largest stage prize in the Netherlands, was awarded this year to operetta theater maker and director Steef de Jong and theater producer Well Made Productions.

Both winners will receive more than half a hundred euros in prize money. They may invest 60,000 euros in their artistic development, for example by spending it on their own performance or study.

The prize is awarded annually to makers who contribute to, among other things, the diversity of the performing arts in the Netherlands. De Jong already won prizes earlier this year: last month he was awarded the Erik Vos Prize 2023, a biennial award for directors.

Prize from private fund

In addition to De Jong, and Samora Bergtop and Ellen Tjon A Meeuw from Well Made Productions, there were three other nominees, including rapper Fresku (Roy Michael Reymound). All three of them take home 10,000 euros that they can spend as they wish.

The Gieskes-Strijbis Prize has been awarded since 2017. Last year, composer Kate Moore and multidisciplinary artist Femi Dawkins won the prize. Previous nominees included actress Romana Vrede and spoken word artist Babs Gons.

Creators from all kinds of art disciplines – such as theatre, music and dance – are eligible annually for the prize, which is paid from a private fund.

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