GfK: 1.5 million Dutch people use ChatGPT

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The Dutch seem curious: 1.5 million people in our country have already used ChatGPT. The chatbot that is controlled by artificial intelligence therefore has a large number of users in the Netherlands: the total number of Dutch people is 17.8 million.

ChatGPT reached according to research firm GfK 1.5 million Dutch people in just four months. Impressive. The program is especially popular among young people, especially those who go to school or university. Logical in itself: one of the main points of ChatGPT that has been discussed recently is that you can simply have a paper typed through it. Something many teachers would worry about.

ChatGPT was especially popular in January, which was also reflected in the media. In December we were still busy with holidays, but in January we took the time to do some research on that program everyone was talking about. 800,000 people in the Netherlands visited OpenAI’s ChatGPT website in January. Those are certainly not just people who ask a stupid question once, laugh and never come back. It is certainly a tool that is used more often among students: half of the students and students between the ages of 18 and 28 used ChatGPT more than three days.

Especially on the computer

Two-thirds of the Dutch visited ChatGPT on a laptop or desktop: that is not surprising, because there is no ChatGPT app, for example (contrary to what many people think, because there are many fakes in the Play Store and the App Store). You can go to ChatGPT from the browser on your phone, but it works just a little easier on the desktop. So it’s no wonder that many people turn to the computer variant.

Worldwide, ChatGPT is visited by 100 million users per month. GfK’s figures are based on only direct ChatGPT, so not the ‘language’ GPT-4 that is integrated into Microsoft search engine Bing, for example, or Snapchat’s My AI. Probably many more people have been in contact with the tech of OpenAI. In the meantime, however, competitors are also working on their own versions or copies of this innovative tech. At the same time, people are working so hard on it that people are afraid that things are going too fast. That AI becomes too smart too quickly, and that governments continue to lag behind too slowly and too stupidly.


Google’s CEO has also been vocal about AI, saying it’s likely to have a bigger impact than fire. It is remarkable that he says that, because Google is also working on AI in the form of Bard. In any case, Google has been making a lot of AI announcements lately, including in response to ChatGPT. Would more Dutch people start using Bard than ChatGPT? Or is ChatGPT still the best as ‘first’? In any case, we have to see how AI develops further, because if it is up to the writers of the AI ​​fire letter, then a break is needed first.

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