German police: 53 officers injured in demonstration against AfD 17:13 abroad Police investigations have been launched against twenty demonstrators.

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An injured police officer is assisted by colleagues in Offenburg
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Riots after a demonstration in the German city of Offenburg, near Strasbourg, left 53 police officers injured yesterday. This is reported by the local police. People gathered to protest against the right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, which was holding a regional party congress there.

Some officers suffered bruises and abrasions from being kicked and punched. Others suffered respiratory problems after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher or inhaling smoke from small fires and fireworks.

Bags of paint

About 1200 demonstrators were present in the center of Offenburg yesterday, according to German media. The demonstration against AfD, organized by the alliance ‘Stand up against racism’, among others, was peaceful until demonstrators threw bags of paint at the exchange building where the party congress was taking place. The police then tried to end the protest, against the wishes of some 400 remaining protesters. Officers used their batons.

A spokesperson for the anti-racism alliance distances itself from the violence at the protest, but at the same time calls the police action “totally excessive” in the German newspaper Bild. Two protesters were injured. Police investigations have been launched against twenty demonstrators.

Several demonstrations were announced around the AfD regional party congress, which is still taking place today.

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