Garmin launches heart rate monitor for women

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Garmin launches HRM-Fit heart rate monitor for women

Last CES (Consumer Electronics Show) a lot of innovative tech and futuristic gadgets saw the light of day. Garmin also came with news. This week they launched the HRM-Fit™; their latest heart rate monitor, specially developed for women.

HRM stands for Heart Rate Monitor. So a heart rate monitor. What makes this heart rate monitor ‘different’ and ‘specially for women’? And how does it work? Well, you clip it to your sports bra. This way you can collect training data in a comfortable and accurate way while running, cycling, strength training or HIIT training. Or any sport. The heart rate belt prevents unnecessary chafing and improves comfort. At least, that is what Garmin puts out in a press release.

“The HRM-Fit heart rate belt is designed to allow women to collect valuable data as comfortably as possible. Whether you’re going for a run or taking a HIIT class, the heart rate monitor clips easily to the bottom of your sports bra and provides accurate heart rate and training data, so you get to know your body better, no matter how you move,” says Brett Rijsdijk, content manager at Garmin Netherlands.

About the Garmin HRM-Fit™

What does this heart rate monitor do for you?

  • Real-time data: Send accurate, real-time heart rate data and training data to compatible Garmin smartwatches and Edge® cycling computers, fitness equipment, the Tacx training™ app and much more.
  • Training options: accurately measure your heart rate data for various activities such as running, cycling, strength training, HIIT, fitness classes and much more. And if you are not connected to a compatible smartwatch for a while, the HRM-Fit temporarily stores the data to share again as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Indoor running: See your pace and distance on a compatible smartwatch when you run indoors on the track or treadmill.
  • Activity tracking: even if you are not wearing a smartwatch, the HRM-Fit will record steps, calories burned, intensive minutes and your heart rate data.
  • Running dynamics: receive running dynamics, such as balance, stride length and more.

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