Galaxy AI 2024: this is what it will bring you

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Galaxy AI

Today, Samsung launched its latest range of telephones: the Samsung S24, Samsung S24+ and the Samsung S24 Ultra. The theme of this launch was clear: Artificial Intelligence, or AI. What will Galaxy AI bring us? You can read it in this article!

Your smart assistant

Live in a world without language barriers? With Galaxy AI you can go a long way. With the help of artificial intelligence, communicate easily in various languages, in various ways. You don’t need any (extra) apps, it is already built into the system.

Galaxy AI 2024: this is what it will bring you

A few examples…

Are you calling someone from South Korea, but you don’t speak the language? Live Translate provides real-time voice and text translations of phone conversations. That goes back and forth.

Interpreter translates live conversations directly on your screen (or on a shared screen). This way you get a transcript of what you both say. Ideal for international meetings! This also works without mobile data or WiFi. With Chat Assist you ensure the right tone of your messages. You type your message how you want to say it. Based on this, Galaxy AI makes a proposal on how you can formulate it so that you do not come across as ‘blunt’, ‘formal’ or very ‘jovial’. Exactly how you want it, for the message you need.

And there is more, especially useful in the business field. Note Assist in Samsung Notes creates smart covers and summaries for your notes, so you can quickly find what you need. And there is also something smart for meetings: Transcript Assist. This feature creates transcriptions and summaries of voice recordings, even when there are multiple speakers. Translations are also possible.

Find what you’re looking for

The Samsung S24 phones come with the ‘Circle to Search’ function. Do you see something cool in an image, for example in a video? Press and hold the home button to ‘freeze’ your image, circle what you want to search for and you will immediately receive relevant information. Without having to leave the app.

This seems like an ideal function to me, because it is basically the built-in Google Lens. I personally use that app a lot. Normally you have to take a screenshot of something, import it into Google Lens and then it will look it up for you. Or you take a photo with Google Lens and then the app starts searching. This is no longer necessary with Samsung Circle to Search; you don’t need an extra app.

In the test I was able to do, this worked smoothly and properly. Also with other tests that I don’t have on the film.

Galaxy AI and photography

There are also a number of new ‘in-phone’ functions in the field of photography. You don’t need any other apps for it.

Imagine, you have taken a beautiful photo of the city, but there is an unwanted passerby in the frame. With Generative Edit you can simply ‘erase’ that person and let the AI ​​fill in the background naturally. Or maybe you want to move that bird a little closer to the sunset for that perfect shot? Simply slide it and watch the AI ​​adjust the rest of the photo. You can also use it with a crooked horizon. Straighten the photo and Galaxy AI will fill in the edges.

Oh, and you can also make some simple adjustments to your photos with Galaxy AI. Edit Suggestion proposes the perfect edits and for enthusiasts there is Instant Slow-mo. This feature adds extra frames for detailed slow-motion footage.

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